A sanitation supervisor is interested in testing to see if the mean amount of garbage per bin is different from 50. In a random sample of 36 bins, the sample mean amount was 48.47 pounds and the sample standard deviation was 3.1 pounds. Conduct the appropriate hypothesis test using a 0.05 level of significance.\",[{""content"":""<p><strong>Answer with explanation: <\/strong><\/p><p><\/p><p><strong>Given : <\/strong>Sample mean =[tex]\\overline{x}=\\text{48.47 pounds}[\/tex]<\/p><p>Standard deviation : [tex]\\sigma=\\text{ 3.1 pounds.}[\/tex]<\/p><p>Sample size : n = 36<\/p><p><\/p><p><strong>Claim : <\/strong>[tex]\\mu\\neq50[\/tex]<\/p><p>\u2234 [tex]H_0:\\mu=50[\/tex]<\/p><p> [tex]H_1:\\mu\\neq50[\/tex]<\/p><p><\/p><p>Since the alternative hypothesis is two tail

Accepted Solution

then the test is two tail test.<\/p>

By using a z statistic and a 0.05 level of significance. Reject \u00a0[tex]H_0[\/tex] if z < -1.960 or is z> 1.960.<\/p>