PLEASE HELP! 30 POINTS! Drag the tiles to the correct boxes to complete the pairs. Not all tiles will be used.Match each statement with the equation that represents it.

Accepted Solution

Answer:1. y = 30x2. y = x+53. y = 2x4. y = x+2Step-by-step explanation:1. The speed of a car is x miles per hour. The total distance the car covers is 30 minutes is yTotal Distance = yTime = 30 minutesSpeed = xSo, equation will be y =30x2. Tina's age y is 5 years more than her brother Tim's age x.Tim's age = xTina's age y= x+5So, y = x+53. The cost to produce a table y is two times the cost to produce a chair,xCost of chair = xCost of table = y = 2xSo, y = 2x4. The time required to bake a chocolate muffin, y is 2 minutes more than the time required to bake a vanilla muffin xTime to bake vanilla muffin = xTime to bake chocolate muffin= y= x+2so, y = x+2