Please help me out and explain with steps thank you.

Accepted Solution

Answer:at matilda's new job, she will make a rounded salary of $69,000 per year.Step-by-step explanation:when solving a problem like this, you have to take her current salary ($64,000 per year) and multiply it to the salary increase percentage by first turning the percentage into a decimal. to turn the percentage into a decimal, you imagine a tiny dot to the right of the 8 like this:8.and then you have to move that little dot to the left two times recreating it into .08. you multiply .08 (the salary increase percentage) by her current salary ($64,000) and then also add that number to matilda's current salary to come up with the answer you can round. I'll give you an example of my proscess just so I can give a clear visual of my explanation. step one: $64,000 x .08-------------5,120step 2:$64,000+$5,120-------------$69,120step 3:$69,120 is rounded up to the nearest thousands is approximately $69,000answer: $69,000